white flag

So you did it again…

I just don`t get it why the more I give up the more you take… I knew tasks were supossed to come but… (sighed) but… I`m sick of it, I`m sick of trying, of learning, of fighting, I`m tired, I`m exhausted really… and it`s just the beggining.

I give up. I know you are not going to give up on me, but please, pretty please, do something, fight for me, some sign, some light… I`m working hard but I just don`t see anything.

Sé, Señor, que tu camino es el unico por el que podria andar mi alma en esta Tierra… so I won`t fight anymore… you do it for me.


3 comentarios en “white flag

  1. FeliTo dijo:

    Aquellos que se vuelven depositos de una gracia mas grande siempre son llevados al desierto, para luego convertirse en jarros de la bendicion de Dios.

    Animo novia. U r not alone. all those tests son de ambos.


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